7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Flight School

Starting flight school will be one of the biggest journeys of your life. You will go through many adventures and many experiences. One of the fun things is that you will not know what will happen next. But with these 7 things, I wish I knew before.


1. The Hardest Is Yet To Come

You might think that going through flight school will be he hardest thing in your journey. That’s definitely not so. You will cross many more obstacles. Finding a job. Paying off your loan.


2. You’ll Start The Greatest Journey Of Your Life

Flight school is full of surprises, adventures, and experiences. Your first solo flight. Maybe first time living away from your home country. Exploring cool places. A lot of studying, a lot of fun. It’s for you to find out. Everyone has a different journey. Enjoy it. Don’t let it slip.



3. Be Prepared To Take On A Massive Debt

Flight school is expensive. That’s a fact. It can easily be over $100,000. Include a Type Rating in it, and you’re set with a massive debt. Is it repayable? Yes. Easily? Yes and no. Depending on your first company, you could have a hard time paying off your debt. Also, you could land a great first job. Nonetheless, in a few years your salary should be set in such a way that you can start paying off. Then you become a captain, and the payments are greater!


4. The Current Economy Is No Indicator

Many times people ask me the question if it’s a good idea to start with flight school, because of the economy. Currently, as I’m writing this, there are more and more jobs for pilots on the market every day. This however, is no indication. Let’s say your flight school takes 2 years. The economy is massively growing for 1 year and 51 weeks. The week after some idiots fly airplanes in buildings. Forget it. You’ll be without a job for a few years.

On the other hand, the current economy could be so shit, that no one decides to be a pilot. Hence there’ll be a lack of pilots in the near future. As I said, the current economy cannot be seen as an indicator.


5. It Will Only Get Better

You need that first job. Instructing hours could be nice for it. Shit pay. Shit working conditions. No guarantee for a job at all.

Then you land that first commercial job as a First-Officer. Much better pay. Good working conditions. Still unsure if you could find a job if the company would go bankrupt. You NEED those hours.

Enough hours, experience, and you’re doing the upgrade to captain. Awesome pay. Great working conditions. Much better security. Add captain hours and experience to it. The world is yours. So never worry.


6. You’re Absolutely Nothing, Yet

It’s a great achievement to get into flight school, and definitely not always easy. But, that doesn’t mean you’re anything. You still have so much to learn, and so much to experience. From diversions, screaming passengers, to passengers who put their baby in the overhead bin. You’ll get there, give it time.

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7. There Will Be A Lifetime Of Studying Ahead, With Fun

Pilots never stop studying. Which is GREAT! You will study what you love. Do what you love. Yes, sometimes it can be overwhelming. But fuck, it’s great. Who ever thought studying would be so awesome?


There you go! 7 things I wish I knew!

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  1. Burt Silver Reply

    Thanks for the information about starting flight school! I have been thinking about flight school for a long time, and I think I am going to look into it a little more. I like that you mentioned that studying will have to study forever to continue their education. I love to learn, so it is cool that I will have to learn for a long time after school.

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